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How to Choose the Best Option: Home Care vs. Residential Care

Can’t decide between home care and residential care?

When it comes to aged care, you might have to choose between hiring home care services and living in a home care residence, such as the Arcare age care facilities.

There is no right and wrong choice. But you must pick one that suits your needs and addresses your concerns at the right time.

To help simplify decision-making, why not look into the pros and cons of either option?

Home Care

Amarna House Care Home York

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  • Provides round-the-clock care that is based on the individual requirements of a care recipient. This means, it is designed fully flexible and based on the different levels of care a senior needs.
  • Exact type of care is given. For example, if an elderly only needs assistance preparing a hot meal, this will be the only task a caregiver will handle.
  • Seniors will receive dedicated, one-to-one support from care workers.
  • Maintains a familiar environment for seniors to stay in touch with the same social network they have been accustomed to.
  • Carers can provide seniors regular outings to foster companionship and friendship in an informal environment.
  • Seniors have the freedom to choose how to live and enjoy their social and active life.
  • Introducing a carer only requires minimal adjustment as opposed to being surrounded by strangers and being in unfamiliar surroundings.
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