Naturaleza País Vasco

Wine Talk: Top 4 Non-European Countries with World-Quality Wine

European countries have wineries in Italy and Naturaleza País Vasco landscapes in Spain to boast of. However, it is a common misconception that the best wines in the world only come from locations like Naturaleza País Vasco and other parts of Europe. The continent does host some of the best wine making regions in the world, but it would be wrong to presume that non-European countries are unable to produce fine wine.

Naturaleza País Vasco

Here are the top 4 non-European countries that take viticulture very seriously:

The United States of America

Thanks to the effort of winemakers in California, the USA has finally become home to some of the finest wine producing regions in the world.


The weather and soil conditions in certain parts of Argentina make it ideal for wine production; the grape vines are extremely unlikely to be affected by pests and disease.


Wine tourism is extremely popular in Australia and the country hosts some of the most tourist-friendly vineyards in the world with the production of biodynamic wines.

South Africa

The quality of soil in South Africa’s river valleys lends the wine produced there a distinct rich flavor.

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Hiring a Skippered Catamaran in Sydney: 6 Tips to Truly Enjoy the Experience

Hiring a skippered catamaran is one way to experience an extraordinary holiday in Sydney. After all, it will allow you to avoid huge tourist crowds, see the city’s beautiful skyline from the sea, visit various locations in one trip, and be as active and relaxed as you like. But like other forms of holiday, there are things that you should do on your part to improve the experience and truly enjoy it to the fullest. Here is how you can get the most out of a catamaran hire Sydney has:

1. Tell your catamaran provider what you desire for your trip.

You can improve your cruising experience by working with the charter provider, which means that you should tell them what you desire in your trip. These can include many things from your favourite wines to the islands that you want to visit.

2. Be flexible with your itinerary.

Of course, you would want to include all the best destinations possible in acatamaran charter Sydney Harbour has. Maybe, you want to visit Manly Beach, Bondi Beach, and all the famous beaches in the vicinity or experience hiking at the Royal National Park. However, you should remember that sometimes your captain might not recommend going to a certain place due to reasons like safety or weather concerns. So, it is best to be flexible with your itinerary and consider alternatives to get the fun going.

3. Keep in mind the safety measures in sailing.

Remember that there are potential dangers to sailing, whether you are on board or in the water swimming. With that said, you should always observe safety precautions and adhere to the rules the crew has put in place for their guests.

4. Consider hiring a private chef.

One popular add-on to a catamaran hire is a private chef. In essence, having such a professional on board will add another level of luxury that you will not experience in other forms of vacation. Beyond not having to cook your own meals, you can indulge yourself in gastronomic delights from breakfast to dinner.

5. Turn off your mobile phone.

There will be so much to enjoy with a boat hire Sydney Harbour has. However, attending to your phone for calls from the office can break your trip, so turn it off. read more

3 Actividades que no debe perderse al visitar el País Vasco

No importa de dónde eres, visitar el País Vasco te permitirá disfrutar de muchas cosas que no vas a experimentar en otros lugares. En esencia, el lugar exige la exploración de sus picos montañosos altísimos a sus costas ruggedly hermosas. Pero si bien hay mucho que insertar en su itinerario, hay ciertas actividades que no debe olvidarse de organizar con una agencia de viajes, como, para hacer sus vacaciones vascas más memorables:

Tomando un Pintxo Tour – El País Vasco es conocido por su pintxo cultura animada, así que asegúrese de visitar sus pintxo bares ocupados durante su viaje.

Tomar el sol en la playa – Visitar las playas gloriosas, particularmente en Ondarreta y La Concha, creará los recuerdos que usted atesoraría para el resto de su vida.

Ciclismo – Esto le permitirá descubrir innumerables encantos a lo largo de los senderos, como hermosos paisajes y coloridas comunidades.

Con muchas actividades para participar y atracciones para ver, el País Vasco es un destino que realmente hará que sus vacaciones sean gratificantes. Sólo asegúrese de utilizar los servicios de una agencia de viajes, como, para evitar trampas durante su viaje.

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