Enjoying Comfort and Convenience by Staying Near Wembley

It is from the humble beginnings of a mere village that this great town, Wembley, emerged from. The Wembley Stadium and Arena have been host to a plethora of electric performances by legends in the music industry and also innumerable sporting feats that have never again been witnessed anywhere else.  These are just glimpses of what Wembley has to offer in terms of tourist attractions. Here we delve on where to stay in case you find yourself at or near Wembley. There are many hotels near Wembley Arena and Stadium and this shall be your guide to only the best of the best hotels.

The Euro Hotel Wembley

Its distance is just a stone’s throw away from one of the country’s landmark destinations i.e. the refurbished and highly remarkable Wembley Stadium Complex. The hotel’s proximity does not beat its counterpart, the Hilton Wembley Plaza, but does come close.  Aside from providing great access to the Stadium (as this is one of the closest hotels near Wembley Arena London), the hotel is also close to other amazing tourist attractions like the Oxford Street Piccadilly Circus and the King Edward VII Park King Edward VII Park.  Some of the features of the hotel are:

·         Multiple options on the rooms available (single, double and triple beds)

·         A TV Lounge is available for entertainment

·         Multiple breakfast options including Continental and English

·         Free and fast Wi-Fi is available in the rooms

The Hilton Wembley Plaza

This hotel is by far the closest of the hotels near Wembley Stadium. The Hilton Wembley Plaza is just a few minutes’ walk from the Wembley Stadium. It is situated between Engineers and Fulton. The hotel offers a wide array of options when it comes to its rooms, ensuring everyone is catered for from the budget tourist to the ones who want to spoil themselves. If you happen to find yourself near Wembley Stadium then this is the most suitable and the best of the hotels near Wembley Stadium. They offer:

·         Wide array of room options, from standard rooms (with single, twin and triple bed options) to the more luxurious suites

·         The Association Restaurant is situated in the hotel building and offers breakfast lunch and dinner.

·         It also houses two bars that are fully stocked if you want to stay up late.

Hotel Ibis London Wembley

This is another of the hotels near Wembley worth noting. The Hotel Ibis in London is conveniently situated, being a short distance away from the subway station. Hence you have the access to go to the city (central London) to enjoy the sights and sounds in just over ten minutes. Furthermore, it is among the closest hotels near Wembley Arena, thus providing easy access to the world renowned Wembley Stadium. It also offers:

·         Two hundred and ten guest rooms

·         Free and fast Wi-Fi Connection

·         Magnificent in-house restaurant

·         Air conditioned rooms

This guide will definitely prove useful when you are just from a match or a concert that ended late and you are wondering:”what are the closest hotels near Wembley Arena?” Find out more here: http://hotelsnearwembley.co.uk

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